Putty/Pageant wincrypt using certificate store versus ppk

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  • Putty/Pageant wincrypt using certificate store versus ppk

    I'm currently using Putty / Plink to start a tunnel with pageant

    Source Code

    1. putty.exe -L 3390: -l user01 -ssh -agent -N -C -2


    Source Code

    1. plink -L 3390: -l user01 -ssh -agent -N -C -2

    Pageant is started before and certificate added, just waiting in systray.

    I'm using code.google.com/p/puttywincrypt/wiki/README
    key obtained by agent NOT from ppk file but from windows certificate store

    Using SSHTunnelClient with same settings,

    The Enter password windows popup, i do NOT type anything, just click OK and i get connected.

    how to avoid the Enter password windows.
    Register key to pageant ticked doesn't change behavior.

    Another nice option in SSHTunnelClient would be:
    use Pageant for authentification,
    key file auto-load by Pageant, SSH identify file greyed
    SSH identify file select ppk file

    and never show GUI Enter password windows.

    Maybe in next future could we have this new choice option to load the key.