A bit OT: This tool (or something alike) on linux?

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  • A bit OT: This tool (or something alike) on linux?

    Hello folks,

    sorry for being a little bit OT (but it's a discussion, isn't it? :) ), but just as i tried this tool first i was amazed: This thing is what i need.
    The main problem: It's written for windows only. I understand that this tool can't simply be ported to Linux, but is there maybe anyone out there who knows a tool like "DeskMarker" for Linux or other X-based systems?

    Thanks for answers,

    this posting is made of 100% recycled bits & bytes
  • Hello Hans-Werner

    We have testes DeskMarker on Linux with different Wine configurations. But it won't work as expected. With DeskMarker on Wine you can draw in Freehand mode but the "delete drawing" doesn't work. (Visual-Control mode doesn't work anyway) To delete your drawing you have to "move" a window over the drawing.
    I think this is not a really useable solution.

    A port to linux is really not easy and not planned yet.

    We don't know a tool like DeskMarker for linux.
    Schöne Grüsse
    Elias Zurschmiede

    delight software gmbh