delight Expert 1.2 released

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  • Delight Expert 1.2 bugs


    Am I the only one that has problems with this expert? Installed under Win 2000/Delphi 7. I put 5 TButtons on a form then moved them arounds and tried to set the tab order. Sometimes nothing happens then they will order in a sort of fashion and the only one that seems to work, eventually, is when I order left to right and I get top to bottom ordering.


  • Delight Expert bug


    Not to sure how more specific I can be. I installed the expert, this happened with the previous version as well, then opened Delphi 7, started a new application and put 5 TButtons on the form. I then tried Left to Right and Top to Bottom arrangement which failed. I then moved the buttons around and tried again. Sometimes nothing would happen other times Left to Right would arrange Top to Bottom.

    One thing that may affect the expert, I am running GExperts but not invoking the TabOrder procedure.

    I am running under Win2000.