Strange result-pages when using Speed Limiter

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  • Strange result-pages when using Speed Limiter


    I was pleased to find this promising small app after quite a long search through the net. Sadly it doesn't work as expected :-/

    speed: Modem (56k)
    local port: 8081
    Host: or whatever
    Port: 80

    - enter host
    - press "Active" button
    - Launch => Default Browser

    But I always receive weird results, for example confixx login pages or "Forbidden you don't have permission to access / on this server" or error-messages that the page "/" could not be found. Even doesn't work, it gives the index of a path:

    Results vary between different domains.
    There's no proxy being used.
    This forum seems to tell the usage exactly as I did.
    What could be wrong?

    kind regards
  • Hi

    If that is the "normal" usage, may I ask what the purpose of running it without "virtual host support" is? (what's the intended use)

    You have to disable this option for all other kind of TCP/IP connections (for example to limit TCP/IP database connections...). The "virtual host support" depends only on HTTP-connections (a webservers is useing "virtual hosts" to run more than one domain at a single IP-Address)
    Schöne Grüsse
    Elias Zurschmiede

    delight software gmbh