Cannot draw

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  • Cannot draw

    I've just installed 2.0.8 on my Win7 Ultimate x64 Lenovo W700 ThinkPad (it has a built-in graphic pad) and I cannot get either the mouse or pad to draw on the screen. I've read through the forum and tried several of the various solutions that I saw but nothing seems to work. My Draw hotkey is Alt+2 and I unchecked the "Keep pressed". All the other keys are the default settings.
  • Hi

    We have tested Deskmarker on different Win7 x64 System with no such problems. So it should work with no problems in your system.

    You have to keep pressed the draw-hotkey while drawing! May you can test it with a other draw-hotkey (if there is a other application on the same hotkey it does not work!)
    Schöne Grüsse
    Elias Zurschmiede

    delight software gmbh